Charity Management System

GiftBox Systems is a web-based software for charities. Built on the latest Microsoft .Net technology, it includes functions such as: managing donors, volunteers, members, beneficiaries, client cases; donation processing, tax exemption processing, publication management, and follow-ups and alerts.

GiftBox helps charities increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs by eliminating much manual paperwork.  The built-in functionality of audit trails, authorisation mechanism and internal check and control makes the donation process secure and conforms to audit requirements.

GiftBox will help charities to:

Improve Communication

Easily and instantly communicate with donors, beneficiaries, volunteers, clients and members

Adopt best practices

Adopt best practices through the use of audit trails, authorisation mechanisms, electronic banking, and local authority (e.g. Tax) reporting

Streamline daily operations

Increase efficiency by automating administrative processes

Engage more volunteers

Engage more volunteers by facilitating recruitment, orientation, evaluation and recognition of volunteer

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